Wedding- Dipesh and Dhruti

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There are a couple of things that I adore about Indian weddings, for example, lively hues, feelings, culture and conventions and not to overlook the nourishment! I initially met Dipesh and Dhruti a year prior after Dhuruti’s folks connected with me about their girl’s Wedding in Leicester. They said we would be exceptionally upbeat in the event that you and your group can come and do the photography for my girl as she has asked for us for quite a while.

I don’t figure I could have been progressively energized when catching wind of the Wedding designs over next four days. A Civil Wedding and Reception party on the primary day, a customary Hindu festival on the second, mehendi party, puja and dandiya on the third day, and the conventional wedding service on the fourth day. So much time, detail and arranging went into this Wedding and I have possessed the capacity to catch each minute from the earliest starting point to end …. the giggling, tears, satisfaction and festivity for the whole families getting together.


Marriage representations are likely outstanding amongst other piece of Weddings. Its the main thing each one needs to see… the lady of the hour, prep, ladies companions, family and is relatively similar to a standout amongst the most imperative bits of a wedding. Normally, the wedding picture taker you pick has a major enormous I mean gigantic job in this angle. They are the ones who really make enchantment, make the lady of the hour see themselves in a way they haven’t seen previously.

I frequently run over amazingly beautiful pictures of Indian ladies on their big day wearing their wedding luxury. I share many of these pictures on my Instagram record, and today I thought let me simply put down my unequaled most loved marriage representations by acclaimed wedding photographic artist.

I cherish these folks. Actually, I truly needed them for my wedding photography… however yet the financial plan simply didn’t enable me to by a little sum, and I genuinely think twice about it now and again.

I have commonly heard beneficial things about this organization in the course of recent years. Its been since a long time ago I began with my inquiry on spending wedding picture takers, there are endless of them out there. Its extremely hard when you glance through their work on sites and facebook… Everyone puts their best work up on the web… and it doesn’t constantly imply that they give out consistency.

In Two Fireflies One Camera’s work, on numerous occasions I have seen that they are splendid at the value they request their administrations. Also to a great degree ‘human like’ when they manage their customers (essentially you). They comprehend your fervor about your wedding, they know how much the day intends to you… and instead of simply taking a gander at it as another activity… they put in their essence to make you look delightful at your wedding.

For what reason SHOULD YOU HIRE THEM?

A. Financial plan. On the off chance that you need a decent (spending plan) real picture taker, they are the general population to employ. Everybody’s beginning reach is from 30k onwards… however it gets extremely hard to make a decision at that cost who is the best. I battled with the equivalent amid my wedding, and took in the most difficult way possible. Now and again its simply best to relinquish 5-10k in real to life photography on the off chance that you know the organization and the work they do.

B. They click excellent bright pictures. Regularly you will see that there are a few picture takers who love highly contrasting, some who love grayish shading palettes and some which truly draw out the energy in an image. I for the most part like the last one and on the off chance that you do as well, Two Fireflies One Camera is your arrangement.

My sibling and bhabhi procured them for their wedding, and they couldn’t quit going gaga about Priyam (the proprietor/picture taker at Two Fireflies One Camera).

Its not only one family wedding. I have companions of companions who have additionally worked with these folks and have sung acclaims and just acclaims. Alright, I realize I sound pipe dream however truly, this isn’t some sponsered post. I’m expounding on them since I have confidence in them and their work.

C. They are proficient importance you won’t have issues with them examining number of long periods of shoot, altered non-altered pictures, conveyance dates and so forth and so on… All those khich-khich won’t be there. Its a major in addition to point. Since, upon the arrival of… try to keep your hat on, you would prefer not to manage such frenzy and even after. You need the experience to be paramount, and they ensure that they convey on that !


The organization was established in January 2014 by two closest companions Priyam Datta and Shaurabh Agrawal. They are the proprietors of the organization. Based out of Mumbai, their strong point lies in Candid Photography, Concept based Couple Shoots, Portraits and Baby/Maternity Shoots.